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Weight Loss Before And After

Weight Loss Before And After

Davis – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

Note: Individual results may vary.

I just want to thank the group there for all the help they provided before and after the surgery. This Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy has re-opened my eyes to this new life I am experiencing. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for this tool. I wake up each day wanting to get out of bed and start moving because I no longer feel the pain in my knees and joints that I used to when I was 375lbs.

Thank you again for this new lease on life.


Weight Loss Before And After

Andrea – Gastric Bypass*

Note: Individual results may vary.

“I had the gastric bypass 3 years ago and weighed 320 pounds. Today I am 176 pounds,  and no longer have High blood pressure or diabetes  I feel wonderful to be here and thank Dr Kaul, Janet and Mary for being there for me.   Most of all I thank my best friend, my husband Richie, the love of my life!  Dreams do come true!”


Weight Loss Before And After

Rose – Gastric Bypass*

Note: Individual results may vary.

Another success story for Advanced Surgeons! You can be a success story too! Call today to find out how to get started on your life-changing weight loss journey! 914-347-0162

Weight Loss Before And After

Lisa – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

Note: Individual results may vary.

Lisa took a unique approach in documenting her testimonial and journey. Below is a link with a PDF that Lisa herself compiled and is very proud to share it with the world…


My Testimonial & Journey (PDF) »

Weight Loss Before And After

John – Gastric Sleeve*

From Fear to Ferrari: A Journey of Radical Transformation

John Renaldo had just about everything. Happily married to his high school sweetheart and a father of three, the MBA graduate has worked as an account director responsible for website design and development in Manhattan for the past 11 years.

But the 36-year-old Port Chester, New York, resident didn’t have the one thing that ultimately mattered: a clean bill of health. That’s because a life of being overweight resulted in fear for his longevity.

“I was always overweight, even as a child,” he says. One of two siblings (his sister also used to be overweight), Renaldo feels that having two working parents and being physically inactive combined with a particular cultural heritage contributed to his condition.

“I’m from an Italian family, the kind where grandma is always trying to stuff you,” Renaldo says. “We were served a platter of food and told to eat as much as we wanted. It’s a cliché about Italian families, but it’s true.”

Having that foundation, he entered college, a landmine of food freedom. Renaldo said he then went “beyond being chubby.” As a college freshman, he went up to 220 pounds, and by the time he finished graduate school seven years later, he weighed in at 272.

He began going for physicals, and his numbers had climbed off the charts. His blood pressure was very high, his glucose was borderline and his kidneys were compromised. “These were all things you shouldn’t normally have to deal with at this age,” he points out. By his mid-20s, he had consulted a kidney specialist and was on three blood pressure medications in an effort to bring his numbers down.

His motivation to change was born with his first child. By now weighing in at 308 pounds, he recalls, “Comfortably holding my son was difficult; it was taxing for me physically. And he was only going to get more active.”

Renaldo began to worry that due to his health, he might not be around for his son long-term. That worry triply escalated when his son was joined by twin brothers.

The twins were five months old when, on Christmas eve of 2016, says Renaldo, “God’s honest truth, I saw the light.”

“Approaching New Year of 2017, I thought about how everyone talks about resolutions for diet and exercise,” he says. But his wife, who he says “has always been my biggest advocate and knows me better than anyone,” felt what he really needed was bariatric surgery.

New Year, New Man

It was the new year of 2017 when John Renaldo began his quest for better health. He began researching bariatric surgeons. He discovered that Dr. Ashutosh Kaul, an award-winning surgeon at Advanced Surgeons, not only has stellar credentials and surgical experience, but trains other surgeons as a professor. In consultation, Dr. Kaul and, Renaldo decided on sleeve gastrectomy.

Facing Fear

“I was nervous,” admits Renaldo. “I wasn’t really completely comfortable with surgery. Subconsciously, I was looking for a red flag in order to justify not doing it. ‘This really starts the process; there’s no turning back,’ I realized.”

But with Dr. Kaul’s help, Renaldo came to a realization. “We only can fear what we see in front of us, the surgery. Dr. Kaul detailed what I was looking at down the road, with and without the surgery. If I didn’t go through with it, the long-term implications are what I feared the most,” he says.

Dr. Kaul’s bedside manner was crucial in helping Renaldo feel more comfortable about his upcoming surgery. “He was calming, soft-spoken, and even though he’d seen hundreds of others, he didn’t make me feel like just another patient,” Renaldo says. “He spent a lot of time talking with me about my family and continually asking me if there was anything about the surgery I wanted to discuss. I trusted him with this significant task, and he exceeded my expectations from the very beginning.”

“Where Did Daddy’s Belly Go?”

As Renaldo began to lose weight, life changed in ways large and small. His clothes got smaller as he did. Prior to his procedure, he says “It was embarrassing to be falling out of my suit. At one point, in a business meeting, I had to use the restroom. I bent over and split my pants.”

He used to have to turn sideways to maneuver, but as the weight dropped off, he could walk straight down the aisles on the commuter train and through the subway turnstiles. He could sit on the couch and finally see his kneecaps. And he was free from public scrutiny. “All these looks I no longer got,” he says with relief.

A photo array of his progress shows his journey, at the end of which his young son was motivated to asked, “Where did daddy’s belly go?”

A Ferrari Kind of Life

Today, John Renaldo celebrates better health and his newfound “comfort and confidence.” Despite his 14-hour days of working and commuting, he walks the 28 city blocks to and from the train station. He is at his goal weight, 185 pounds, which he has steadily maintained. His doctors stopped his three blood pressure medications over time.

“At 36 years old, I’m able to do things with this body that I never thought existed,” Renaldo says. “How fast can I move, jump, run? I haven’t experienced these things since I was a child. I feel like I’m test driving a Ferrari.”

Weight Loss Before And After

Bethany – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

Note: Individual results may vary.

Location: Wappinger Falls, NY
Age: 28

Total Weight Loss: 103 lbs.
Surgery Date: 3-7-12

Weight has been a life-long struggle for me. To now look in the mirror and not see that constant disappointment of yet another diet failure in the face looking back, it’s priceless. I’m told that I “glow” now wherever I go, and my only explanation is that for the first time in life I’ve found happiness in myself and what I have to offer this world. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me, and it’s only now that I can look forward to motherhood at my new smaller & healthier size. Look out world!


Weight Loss Before And After

Bob – Gastric Bypass*

Note: Individual results may vary.

Another success story for Advanced Surgeons! You can be a success story too! Call today to find out how to get started on your life-changing weight loss journey! 914-347-0162

Weight Loss Before And After

Donna – Gastric Bypass*

Note: Individual results may vary.

Another success story for Advanced Surgeons! You can be a success story too! Call today to find out how to get started on your life-changing weight loss journey! 914-347-0162

Weight Loss Before And After

Jack – Gastric Sleeve

Note: Individual results may vary.

Gastric Sleeve

Down 227lbs 1 yr after gastric sleeve thanks to Dr. Maffei and his team!!


Weight Loss Before And After

Sister Karen – Gastric Bypass*

Note: Individual results may vary.

A Body Transformed; A Soul Restored

Bariatric surgery transformed Sister Karen Cavanagh, both outside and inside. That’s because the change in her was more than skin deep; it was a victory over a childhood trauma that had plagued her most of her life.

For the 77-year-old nun who resides at a convent in Jamaica, New York, silence and food were her only comfort after being molested as an eight-year-old. Her weight quickly ballooned from that age, just like the weight of the world from the secret she kept until she was in her 40s. As she testifies, she ate to be able to endure the subterfuge. “I used food to stuff it down.

For decades since that tender age, weight issues defined her. At 4’8” tall, as she explains it, “I stopped growing one way and kept growing the other way.” At one point, when she was 14 years old, a doctor put her on speed (slang for amphetamines, a stimulant used in diet pills to suppress appetite). When she chose to enter the convent, she was required to lose at least 30 to 40 pounds in order to become a nun. “I could stop the weight gain,” she explains, “but it couldn’t stay stopped.” At one point, by age 30 she went from losing 100 pounds to gaining back 135 within five years.

Her list of health issues related to being overweight was a long one: circulatory problems, high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat, compromised mobility and a battle against diabetes. “I was very ill and in a lot of pain,” she laments, the result of which spurred her to cope with nine over-the-counter pain relief pills a day and two high blood pressure medications. This doesn’t take into account the distress and depression symptomatic of those who struggle with weight issues.

Yet Sister Karen persevered. “I was a school principal and a teacher. I did everything I had to do, but I realize now what it did to my body.”

Turning a Corner and Seeing the Light

When she was 63 years old, she saw a friend whose diabetes went into remission following bariatric surgery. She was amazed. Fourteen years ago, this phenomenon wasn’t as commonly recognized as it is today. She decided to explore bariatric surgery.

Particularly impressed by his credentials, Sister Karen chose Dr. Ashutosh Kaul of Advanced Surgeons, who performed gastric bypass surgery. She ultimately lost 140 pounds within 18 months following her surgery. “I couldn’t believe how it came off. I never gained back any weight,” she says. But she cautions it took work, and she still adheres to the discipline and techniques she learned from a book the practice provided, which she calls her “second bible.” This includes eating all her meals with a baby fork.

Hers is a life transformed. “Since I had this surgery I got my life back; I never knew beforehand the life I have today. I never knew the vibrancy and such energy. I live on a third-floor walkup, and I walk quite rapidly. Some of my friends can’t keep up.”

Her Heroes: A Surgeon and a Practice

Dr. Kaul did more than just perform Sister Karen’s surgery; he provided the necessary emotional comfort and support. She benefitted from this vital care while negotiating the universal challenges of weight loss. “He has such an understanding and compassionate manner. I think he has a reverence for people,” she explains of Dr. Kaul. “I call him my hero. I have him right up there with God.”

Everyone at Advanced Surgeons is exceptional, she testifies. “If I call, they are always more than welcoming, and Dr. Kaul always calls me back immediately.” It’s no wonder that when she needed gallbladder surgery some years later, Sister Karen chose Dr. Kaul yet again.

Today, Sister Karen remains quite active. She does all the baptism preparation and classes for parents, and works in her congregation as a medical insurance advocate for the many there with healthcare needs.

Giving Back

Sister Karen generously shares her time and her experience. She counsels others in bariatric surgery support groups. “There is no one who understands the experience like others who have gone through it,” she says. In addition, she relies on the support groups for herself as well. “They have certainly been a major influence in the success I have had. It’s worth it; it keeps me honest.”

Take Her Advice

Sister Karen summarizes her counsel to others. “My advice is to ask any questions. No question is foolish. And you can only be brave if you’re afraid. As for weight loss surgery, ‘It works if you work it’, is the advice I give.”

Of bariatric surgery she concludes, “It’s almost impossible to try to describe the transformation in the person.”

Her own life is the best example. “The biggest thing is that my life is so much freer.”

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