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Medical Weight Loss


At Advanced Surgeons, we specialize in changing lives for the better, in the safest and most effective way for each patient. That’s why we offer medical weight loss services as a standalone treatment or as a complement to bariatric surgery.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss programs use diet, exercise, lifestyle modification and medication to achieve lasting weight loss. For those who want to lose weight but do not qualify for weight loss surgery, our medical weight loss program could be the perfect fit.

How Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

Medical weight loss is a multi-pronged and multidisciplinary approach for achieving a healthy weight. We use multiple tools to lower weight and reduce or eliminate obesity-related health conditions.

Prescription weight loss medication can aid patients in meeting their weight loss goals. Some medications are meant to be taken for 12 weeks or less to jumpstart weight loss. Others are prescribed long-term to assist with both weight loss and weight maintenance.

Some of the medications we use include:

The Diet and Exercise Equation

Diet is the most important piece of any weight loss program. It would take a 185-pound person more than half an hour of running to burn off a 400-calorie donut. It’s far easier to just not eat the donut.

At Advanced Surgeons, we equip you with a sensible diet that will work for you and your lifestyle. We don’t just tell you how to eat, we consider you and your lifestyle, help you understand why, and we educate you on foods’ effects on your body so you’re free to make smart choices.

On the other side of the equation is exercise. We will create an exercise plan that takes into account your abilities and limitations, one that you’ll be able to stick with and see results from.

Come to the Weight Loss Experts

At Advanced Surgeons, we have options to help everyone lead a healthier life, from nutritional counseling, medical supervised weight loss all the way up to surgical procedures. We help you and provide you with the tools you need to live the life you want. Make an appointment today.

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