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Duodenal Switch Specialist

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Duodenal switch surgery induces weight loss by removing 60-70% of your stomach and redirecting food to a lower portion of your small intestine. At Advanced Surgeons in Valhalla, Carmel, and Poughkeepsie, New York, experienced bariatric surgeons perform the surgery to help you achieve reliable and long-lasting weight loss. To schedule an appointment, call the nearest office or book online today.

Duodenal Switch Q & A

What is duodenal switch surgery?

Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, also called duodenal switch, is a malabsorptive bariatric surgery. That means it helps you lose weight by drastically reducing the number of calories your body absorbs from the food you eat. The procedure is complex and combines techniques from gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries. 

During the surgery, your surgeon reduces your stomach into a smaller pouch. The pouch is a bit larger than with other surgeries because the reduction in stomach size isn’t the only change your surgeon makes. They also connect the pouch to a lower part of the small intestine to reduce the calories and nutrients you absorb from food. 

Duodenal switch surgery divides the duodenum, which is the uppermost portion of your small intestine, to bypass pancreatic and bile drainage. 

Which conditions can duodenal switch improve?

Duodenal switch doesn’t just help you lose weight rapidly if you’re obese. It can improve many conditions associated with obesity or lower your risk of developing them in the first place. 

Research shows that duodenal switch surgery can improve or resolve weight-related conditions such as:

  • Sleep apnea 
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • High blood pressure

In addition to these health benefits, you might experience some wider benefits and improvements too. Drastic weight loss from duodenal switch surgery can improve your appearance and open the door for various social and professional opportunities. 

Am I a good candidate for duodenal switch surgery?

Before you undergo duodenal switch surgery, you must come in for a consultation at Advanced Surgeons that includes examinations and tests of your health. 

Your provider goes over your medical history and reviews any conditions currently affecting you. They also consider your mental health and willingness to commit to a long-term health plan.

In order to be a good candidate for duodenal switch and other bariatric surgeries, you should have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher. You may also be a candidate for duodenal switch if your BMI is higher than 35 and you have health conditions associated with obesity, like hypertension or Type 2 diabetes. 

To get the best possible results and the smoothest recovery from duodenal switch surgery, Advanced Surgeons may ask you to lose some weight through nutrition and lifestyle changes before getting the surgery. 

If you’d like to learn more about duodenal switch surgery and find out if you’re a good candidate, call Advanced Surgeons or book online at the nearest office today.