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Top 12 Healthy Successful Habits of Post-op Bariatric Patients!!

Healthy Successful Habit

We all aim to be successful after weight loss surgery, but sometimes can fall off track. There are certain habits that long term post op patients embrace which helps them stay on track. It is never too late to start adopting some of these habits and getting back on track.

Successful post op patients:

1. Always avoid drinking with meals. Drinking and eating can:

2. Always have 64 oz of fluids per day.

3. Eat slowly.

4. Keep a food diary.

5. Avoid processed or white sugar.

6. Add healthy carbs, eventually.

7. Take vitamins and supplements that are recommended.

8. Follow post op diet and post surgical protocol.

9. Get adequate protein.

10. Understand that surgery is amazing, but won’t solve everything.

11. Weigh and measure their food

12. Keep exercise as part of their life.

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