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Top 10 Tips For Surviving The Holidays After Weight Loss Surgery

Tips For Surviving The Holidays

It is that time of year again!  A time for celebrating with family and friends and yes, food….  We can all enjoy ourselves during the holidays in moderation, but we should try to make the healthiest food choices we can.

Here are Some Healthy Holiday Eating Tips After Weight Loss surgery:

1.Plan your meals and snacks!  Planning will prevent you from making the wrong food choices.

2. Portion It! Remember portion size matters! At home? Use that measuring scale!

3. If you have almost achieved your weight loss goal, try to focus on maintaining your weight during the holidays; it may be difficult to lose weight during the holidays.

4. Do not go to a party hungry! Make sure you have not skipped any meals prior to arriving to the party. Skipping meals often leads to poor food choices and overeating.

5. Eat Slowly! Eating Slow=Eating Less!

6. Keep hydrated! 64 oz of non-carbonated, sugar free and decaffeinated fluids help to keep you hydrated and fill you up!  Remember if you have an alcoholic drink, count it as your carbohydrate serving. Alcohol is full of calories and it dehydrates you.

7.Bring a healthy dish to the party to share that is on your diet plan! This way you know that there is at least one healthy item you can enjoy! Focus on the protein and veggies!

8. Focus on the protein. Protein fills you up….Less Room for the starchy sides and snacks…

9. Keep up the exercise!  Too cold to go for a walk? Try Wii Fitness with the kids or a zumba DVD or turn on the radio and get dancing with the family!

10. Always remember to take your vitamins!

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