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The Most Common Mistakes People Make After Weight Loss Surgery

The Most Common Mistakes

Okay, so you make a mistake; now lets talk about the most commons ones and ways you can fix them.

No one is perfect 100% of the time.  Weight loss surgery is a journey and you will hit some bumps along the way.  We are trying to change life long habits; so patience, persistence, and compliance are a must to be successful. Here are a list of some common mistakes patients make after weight loss surgery:

1.  Assuming you are cured!

2.  Not taking vitamins!

3. Grazing!

4.  Not drinking enough water!

5. Not exercising on a consistent basis!

6. Not measuring your food!

7. Drinking Alcohol!

So, although mistakes happen, there are often fairly simple solutions to fix them.  Remember to reach out to your dietitian and utilize all the resources available to you to be successful.  Get involved in support groups, talk at seminars,  and make those monthly nutrition appointments!!

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