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The Mindful Eating Marathon

The Mindful Eating Marathon

Learning how to eat WELL is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Slim down and maintain a healthy weight by slowing down and learning how to savor every bite.  Eat to live, eat for nourishment and live to love, laugh and be fulfilled.

1. Eat like a gourmet – smell, touch and savor each bite.  Respect food.

2. Sit down – avoid eating while standing up, walking or in motion.

3. Pull out the fine china – make your meal time feel special.

4. Don’t multi-task – when it’s time to eat, focus on what your eating.

5. Turn off the TV – if you are focused on the show and not your food, you will likely eat more.  The TV creates emotions that are unrelated to your food.

6. Move mindfully – yoga is clinically proven to help you become a more mindful eater.

7. Eat fiber – this helps regulate the highs and lows associated with eating . It helps you feel full longer and prevents your blood sugar from crashing.

8. Put your fork down between bites – think about what you are chewing on.  It takes 20 minutes to have our brain receive the signal that we have food in it.  Eat slowly and you will automatically eat less.

9. Recognize the texture of your food.

10. Rate your hunger before you eat – use a 1-10 scale.  Always have protein first so you feel more full on a smaller amount of food.

11. Take a deep breath – can help you focus more on the task at hand.

12. Find your compassion – use compassionate words instead of self criticism.

13. Stay hydrated – thirst can mask hunger.

14. Get more sleep – your senses are improved and your hunger hormones are lower.

15. Don’t fight cravings – acknowledge the craving and respond thoughtfully.  Were you thinking about chocolate or is it a habit to have it?  Is there a healthier way to have “it”?

16. Savor the last bite – you are less likely to reach for a treat later if you were happy with your last bite.

17. Distractions 101 – research shows the best kind of distractions are visual-spacial – puzzles, cross stitching, painting or computer activities.

18. Mindfully cook –  try to enjoy the process of smelling, stirring, and creating healthy meals.

19. Multi-task – instead of tasting your meal while making dinner, prepare for tomorrow or engage your family and friends in your task.

20. A picture tells a thousand words – place healthy foods where you can see them. Instead of a candy dish, have fruit or nuts in a bowl.

21. Try new foods – mindless eating often comes with repetition.  Trying something new stimulates your senses.

22.  Be mindful of your eating companions – people tend to eat at the pace of those around them.  Watch the slowest person at the table.

23. Focus on nourishing foods – always practice quality over quantity.  Mindful eating is an art that takes practice.

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