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Pushing past a plateau after weight loss surgery!!

weight loss surgery

It is very common to encounter a weight loss plateau whether you have had weight loss surgery or are just trying to lose weight. Immediately post op you will see a significant drop in your weight, and then the weight loss becomes more gradual until it eventually stabilizes. During this time it is likely that you will experience a plateau that can last days or even weeks. This is normal, and you need to realize that it can occur even if you are staying on track. Never give up or get frustrated when this happens, this can only cause a snow ball effect of disappointment, poor food choices, and a lack of motivation to exercise. Before you let it discourage you from furthering your progress, consider the following tips to help you overcome your weight loss plateau after weight loss surgery.

So what causes a plateau? Following surgery you are losing weight due to portion control, change in eating habits, and a lose of water weight. After some time, your metabolism regulates itself to prevent the ongoing weight loss and will adjust to meet your new habits and new lower weight. This is the time when a weight loss plateau can occur.

Before you get totally frustrated you need to determine if it is a true plateau. Don’t use the scale as the only way to measure your success. It is important to look at inches lost as well. Muscle weighs the same as fat, but takes up less space; so your weight can stay the same, but you can lose inches, which is still success. It is recommended to take monthly measurements to track your progress, instead of just using the scale. You might actually realize that you haven’t hit a plateau at all!!

Now let’s say you hit a plateau, what can you do to combat it? Try some of the below tips to overcome your weight loss plateau:

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