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How to Overcome the Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda’s When it Comes to Exercise!!

How to Overcome the Shoulda

We have all made excuses to not exercise. When we are in the midst of a good exercise routine, exercise seems effortless. It fits into your day and you even start to look forward to it. Then it happens!! You miss a day, then a week, then all of a sudden a month goes by. Now exercise seems like it is so difficult to fit in. Well, summer is right around the corner, so no more procrastinating!!

Losing weight is never an easy task to accomplish. For a majority of people, weight loss involves a lifestyle change which forces us to change habits that have developed over a lifetime. Many of us find it difficult to incorporate exercise into their already busy routines and find several excuses to not exercise. We shouldn’t accept these excuses; so below are a few of the most common excuses and ways to combat those excuses:

1.  I Don’t Have Time

2. I’m Too Tired

3. I’m too sore from my last workout

4. Exercise is boring

5.  I Hate to Sweat

Hopefully these suggestions help to motivate you to get moving. Try to use one or more of these strategies to help you keep motivated and focused on your long term goals.


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