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How to Maintain Your Weight Loss Surgery Results During the Holidays

How to Maintain Your Weight Loss Surgery Results During the Holidays

There are many hurdles for people who have had weight loss, and holiday feasts are among the most challenging. Just as you exit Thanksgiving in late November, you’re met with the holiday lights and menorahs of December, which serve to remind you that more feasting is on the way.

To help you successfully navigate the upcoming holidays, the New Year’s festivities, and beyond, our team here at Advanced Surgeons thought we’d review a few tips to firmly keep you on the road to your weight loss goals.

Lessons learned

As we mentioned, you’ve just come out of the Thanksgiving holiday, which may have been more festive this year, as families were able to gather in person and reconnect again. We urge you to take a look back and figure out where you encountered temptations or challenges and register these for the upcoming holidays.

Perhaps you had a drink too many, which withered your resolve at the Thanksgiving table. Or perhaps you got swept up with being with family again and feasted for hours at the table.

Whatever your successes or missteps, it pays to remember them moving forward so you’re well-prepared for the December holidays.

Tried-and-true tips

While we’ve posted information in the past that reviewed a few holiday survival tips, we feel they’re worth revisiting here to keep them fresh.

As you look forward to the holiday season, please keep these guidelines in mind when you gather and feast, starting with:

Sticking to your plan

Holidays are often great excuses to shelve your routine and indulge. If you’ve had weight loss surgery, we recommend that you stick to your plan. This means no saving up or carrying over calories, and it means eating at your allotted times as best you can.

Portion control 

As you pick up your plate to serve yourself, swap it for a smaller plate, such as a salad or dessert plate. Then fill that plate with samples of each dish rather than a serving.

Eat slowly and mindfully

Since your plate is more of a sampler, take the time to truly savor each type of food. Mindful eating slows down your eating so you can truly enjoy what you’re eating.

Position yourself away from food

All too often, holiday gatherings present veritable minefields of food on every surface. Try, as best you can, to stay away from the buffet table or anywhere else you might absent-mindedly pick up food.

BYOF and don't arrive hungry

To stay on track through the holidays, don’t arrive at a holiday gathering with a grumbling stomach. Grab a healthy snack before you arrive, such as a handful of nuts or a plate of veggies. 

And you can bring your own plate to the party so you’re sure there will be a healthy option for you at the table.

Gather support

There’s a good reason why many support groups are standing room only during the holidays — it’s a very stressful time of year. When you’ve made the life-changing step to lose weight through bariatric surgery, there may be times when you want to tap into a little extra support, especially during high-stress holidays. 

We believe in the benefits of these groups, which is why we offer our own support groups, which you can attend virtually.

If you have more questions or any concerns about negotiating the holidays after bariatric surgery, please contact one of our locations in Valhalla, Carmel, or Poughkeepsie, New York.

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