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How Keep Your Food Safe At Your Picnic This Summer! Before or after weight loss surgery.

How Keep Your Food Safe

We look forward to summer, eating al fresco (outdoor dining). Picnic and barbecue season is here and many of us enjoy this outdoor fun with our friends and family, but foodborne bacteria enjoy it just as much…

Keep yourself and loved ones safe from foodborne illnesses and practice safe food handling methods.

Preparing and Serving Food:

Food/Temperature- degrees Fahrenheit

Steaks/Roasts/Pork/Veal/Lamb- 145 degrees F

Ground Beef -160 degrees F

Poultry- 165 degrees F

Fish and Shellfish- 145 degrees F

Leftovers- 165 degrees F

Packing and Transporting Food:

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!!

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