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Great Benefits of BioTE® Hormone Replacement 

Great Benefits of BioTE® Hormone Replacement 

You never really appreciate your reproductive hormones until they start to decline, which happens suddenly in women and more gradually in men. 

Whether you’re one of the 1.3 million women who enter menopause each year or the 10-40% of men who have low testosterone, hormone replacement therapy is a good option. An even better option is the BioTE® bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

While our exceptional team of health care professionals here at Advanced Surgeons focuses on bariatric and general surgery, we’re pleased to offer complementary therapies, such as BioTE’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Here’s a look at some of the many benefits for women and men who want to optimize their hormones with BioTE.

No-hassle, slow-release pellets

One of the aspects our patients appreciate the most when it comes to BioTE is that we deliver the replacement hormones through tiny pellets that we insert just beneath your skin. This means you don’t have to work with daily pills, patches, messy creams, or any other hormone delivery method. 

Instead, we insert the pellets, and they slowly release the necessary hormones into your system for four months, at which point you return for another round of pellets.

Rev up your sex life

One area that can take a big hit when hormones are out of balance, in both men and women, is sexual health. Whether you’re a woman dealing with vaginal dryness or you’re a man struggling with low libido, you can boost your sex life by replacing your reproductive hormones.

Achieve a better fat-muscle balance

When hormone levels drop, many people can experience a loss of muscle (mostly men) and a redistribution of fat, which affects both men and women.

Through BHRT, we can help you get back to a better muscle-fat balance in your body.

Maintain bone health

This one's for women.  When you pass through menopause, you can lose bone density at an alarming rate. Through BHRT, we help you maintain bone strength.

Say hello to more energy

While you naturally lose energy levels as you get older, losing reproductive hormones doesn’t help the problem. Through BioTE, we can address the fatigue that often comes with hormone deficits and get you back on the road to your old, more energetic self.

Cool down hot flashes and night sweats

About 75% of women who transition through menopause experience vasomotor symptoms, namely hot flashes and night sweats. Through hormone replacement, we can turn down the heat on these hot flashes, making you far more comfortable.

Feel like you again

This last benefit isn’t as specific as the others, but it’s equally important. Most patients who seek hormone replacement do so because of specific symptoms, as well as feeling just not like themselves. Perhaps you have more anxiety or you just feel off your game. 

In many cases, BHRT can hit the reset button and get you back to feeling like your old self again.

If you’d like to learn more about how BioTE can improve many areas of your life, please contact one of our offices in Valhalla, Carmel, or Poughkeepsie, New York, to schedule an appointment.

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