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Emotional Overeating – An A-Z list of things to do instead of eating.

Emotional Overeating

Sometimes it  just takes a quick shift in thinking to do something else in place of eating.  If you can distract yourself long enough, the cravings usually disappear; and even if they don’t disappear completely, you have lessened the amount of time you have to overeat.  Below are just some simple things to do instead of turning to the refrigerator or opening those cabinets.  Try to implement some of them and you will be pleasantly surprised!!

A.   art, aerobics, astrology, aquariums, aroma therapy

B.  bike ride, baseball, belly dancing, bird watching, bowling, board games, books, bubble bath

C.  cook food for the week, crafts, cleaning, cards, crochet, call a friend, crossword puzzle, clean, chew gum

D.  dance, darts, decorate, draw, donate – go through old clothes to donate to a charity

E.  exercise, e-mail

F.  find inspirational quotes, football, fishing, find friends to do something with

G.  gardening, golfing, grow herbs, go to the gym, go for a walk

H.  hiking, horseback riding, housework, hobbies

I.  ice skating

J.  journal, jogging, jewelry making, jump rope

K.  knitting, kick boxing, karate, kayaking

L.  laugh, learn something new, listen to music, learn a new language, local library, laundry

M. meditate, movie, make a list of inspirational quotes, mow the lawn

N.  nap, needlepoint

O.  organize a closet, organize a drawer, organize your recipes

P.  plan your meals for the week, play piano, paint your nails, play with children, play a game,

Q.  quick walk around the block

R.  run up and down stairs, read, rent a movie, research new healthy recipes

S.  scrapbook your weight loss journey, swim, stretch, sign up for  a new class or hobby, sewing, scrapbooking

T. try something new : a new exercise, a new hobby, take pictures

U.  uplifting quotes, upgrade your wardrobe

V. vacuum, volunteer, vent your frustrations on a journal

W.  walk, wash your car, wash your dog, write a letter, watch a movie, window shop

X.  xerox menus for the week

Y. yoga

Z.  zoo, ziplock and store your meals for the week


Keep reminding yourself that recovery from emotional eating is a process.  Go easy on yourself and forgive yourself if you have a slip.  Be persistent and remember, you can always do better at your next meal!!!

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