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A Day With Dr. Maffei

Advanced Surgeons social media followers were treated to a sneak peek into Dr. Anthony Maffei’s life during our second Doctor Takeover. Dr. Maffei is a weight loss expert and general surgeon who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Users got a peek at Dr. Maffei’s healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise. But most of all, Instagram followers got a chance to watch Dr. Maffei in action doing what he loves: Changing patients’ lives one patient at a time.

Dr. Anthony Maffei

Dr. Maffei’s day starts early with a gym session before heading to the office. He likes to do something physical as early as possible to get the blood flowing and set himself up for a productive day. His workout consists of resistance training followed by HIIT (high intensity interval training). Research suggests exercising before breakfast can help burn fat all day. Immediately flowing his workout he advocates taking in a small portion of a high glycemic carbohydrate (i.e. fruit) followed by at least 30 grams of protein.

Dr. Anthony Maffei

After hitting the gym (and the shower), Dr. Maffei heads to Advanced Surgeons’ state-of-the-art Valhalla headquarters, where he talks to patients about medically supervised weight lossbariatric surgerybody contouringgeneral surgery and age management.

Dr. Anthony Maffei

Here’s something you don’t see on your plate every day: octopus! Before you turn up your nose, consider that three ounces of octopus is packed with protein and vitamin B12 and low in carbohydrates and fat. Today, Dr. Maffei has prepared his mollusk with veggies for a delicious, nutritious lunch that will keep him fueled the rest of the day.

Here we have Dr. Maffei with his surgical coordinator, Robin, whom he calls his right-hand woman. Dr. Maffei credits the success of the practice to the caring, compassionate clinical and clerical staff at Advanced Surgeons in addition to its award-winning, innovative doctors.

Dr. Anthony Maffei

Dr. Maffei takes a snack break to keep his protein intake high (goal of 1 gram per pound of target body weight) with a quick smoothie of frozen blueberries, almond milk and 30 grams of vegan protein powder. It helps him finish the day strong and ensures he gets the nutrients and antioxidants his body needs to perform at its best, whether in the gym or in the operating room.

Dr. Anthony Maffei

Dr. Maffei keeps his total carbohydrate intake low in attempt to burn fat as the body’s main source of fuel. Look closely at that spaghetti and you’ll see that it’s not pasta at all. Shirataki noodles are made from Japanese yam. They’re delicious, almost calorie-free and Keto diet-friendly. When paired with a lean protein and some high-fiber vegetables for a dinner, the meal will keep you full and won’t expand your waistline.

Dr. Anthony Maffei

Dr. Maffei is a big proponent of both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training—cardio to keep the heart, lungs and blood vessels healthy, and resistance training (using weights, machines or your own body) to strengthen muscles, tendons and bone.

Weight loss and health is a lifestyle, not just a goal. Dr. Maffei works hard to set a good example for his patients. If you are ready to change your life, request an appointment with Advanced Surgeons. We’ll discuss your treatment options and work together to produce a sustainable plan that works for you and your circumstances.

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