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5 Reasons that a Gastric Sleeve Is the Most Popular Weight Loss Surgery

5 Reasons that a Gastric Sleeve Is the Most Popular Weight Loss Surgery

As recently as 2011, the number of gastric sleeves performed in the United States fell short of 30,000. Fast forward to 2019 (pre-COVID numbers) and that number grew to more than 150,000. The gastric sleeve now represents about 60% of all weight loss surgeries.

This surge in the number of gastric sleeves performed in the US is due to a number of different reasons, five of which our team at Advanced Surgeons wants to review here.

Feel full faster with a gastric sleeve

If you’re reading this, the odds are very good that you’ve been through your fair share of dieting. As we’re sure you realized, one of the biggest hurdles is feeling full and satisfied, which is difficult after a small salad.

With a gastric sleeve, we remove 75-80% of your stomach, which means it takes far less to fill your tummy and feel full.

Curb hunger with a sleeve gastrectomy

Another challenge is the battling hunger pangs when you diet, which seem to come on very quickly after you eat. When we remove a large portion of your stomach during your sleeve gastrectomy, we also remove the piece that releases your hunger hormones, or ghrelin. 

This means that after your weight loss surgery, not only will you fill up faster, but you won’t be battling strong hunger pangs between meals.

The gastric sleeve works

When you undergo a bariatric surgery, you want to know that your efforts will be rewarded, and they certainly are with a gastric sleeve. Studies show that excess weight loss after a sleeve gastrectomy is up to 80%

Greatly improve your health

Many people who undergo weight loss surgery are doing so to improve their health. There’s little doubt that a gastric sleeve can deliver incredible health benefits. 

If you have an obesity-related disease, such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, or cardiovascular disease, remission rates after your surgery are impressive and range between 58% and 96%.

Gastric sleeve — a safer approach to weight loss

Surgery of any kind can be risky, but thanks to minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques using robotic technology, procedures like the gastric sleeve are far less risky. Today, we only make small incisions in your abdomen to perform the work, and we use specialized tools that allow for more precision and accuracy. 

Aside from shrinking the size of your stomach, we’re not making any other anatomical changes, such as rerouting your digestive tract.

Thanks to this minimal impact, you can recover more quickly and get on the road to the meaningful weight loss you desire.

If you have any questions about the gastric sleeve and you’d like to explore whether this weight loss surgery is right for you, please contact one of our offices in Valhalla, Carmel, or Poughkeepsie, New York, to schedule a consultation.

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