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3 Amazing Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Your Weight Loss Procedure

3 Amazing Benefits of Robotic Surgery for Your Weight Loss Procedure

Whether you've already made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery or you’re just exploring the idea, you want to learn what you can about this approach to weight loss.

Nearly 300,000 Americans opted for bariatric surgery in 2022, and we suspect this number is going to rise thanks to the successes we’ve had in helping patients lose meaningful weight and improve their health and wellness

Not all weight loss surgeries are the same, but when we can, our team here at Advanced Surgeons takes advantage of cutting-edge surgical techniques, including robotic surgery.

To illustrate why we offer advanced robotic surgery services, we look at three benefits of this technology for your weight loss surgery.

The perfect blend of human and machine

You’ve probably seen the movies about robots taking over the world, but we want to assure you that robotic surgery is hardly that. In fact, we often refer to it as robot-assisted surgery to make sure our patients understand that humans are still very much involved and making the decisions.

With our state-of-the-art da Vinci® surgical system, here’s how we blend human and machine.

First, one of our surgeons sits at a console and operates long arms that are performing the actual work. These arms translate what the surgeon wants, except they’re able to do so in smaller spaces and with more precision. 

Going a step further, these robotic arms can make movements that human hands can’t, such as swiveling 360 degrees.

To guide the surgeon, the da Vinci system delivers high resolution, 3D images to a monitor via a tiny camera. These images are magnified by 10 times, allowing our surgeon to view far more than they would with their naked eye.

So the surgeon performs your surgery, but with tools that improve their field of vision and accuracy. And there are humans right next to you in the operating room the whole time.

Less collateral tissue damage

One of the worst side effects of surgery of any kind is collateral tissue damage, which can be extensive with open surgery. With our robot-assisted bariatric surgery, we’re only making very small incisions, through which we thread the camera and the instruments. 

Not only can we keep the surface damage to a minimum, as we mentioned above, but the robotic arms can operate in smaller spaces than human hands, which reduces collateral tissue damage internally, as well.

Faster recovery and less pain

You’re anxious to get through your weight loss journey, and we understand that. With our da Vinci surgical system, we’re able to shorten this journey by quite a lot since there’s less tissue damage and less bleeding. 

These benefits translate into faster recovery and less pain, which are what every patient wants.

As a bonus, robotic surgery is also associated with fewer complications, such as leaks, hemorrhage, and stricture (narrowing of part of your digestive tract).

We hope this information explains why we’re so pleased to offer this exciting technology at our practice for weight loss and general surgeries.

If you have more questions about robotic surgery or weight loss surgery in general, please  contact one of our offices in Valhalla, Carmel, or Poughkeepsie, New York, to schedule an appointment.

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