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2 Weeks Away: Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery

By 2 weeks before surgery, you will have completed your pre-op tests, your physical, and whatever else your surgeon and/or insurance company have asked.

You are eating and drinking as if you’ve had surgery. It is always important to practice getting into the routine before your surgery arrives.

You are walking or exercising at least 20 minutes per day.  Exercise is an important part of your weight loss journey, so it is a good idea to make it a habit.

Your surgery date and time should be set and you know what time to arrive to the hospital.

In the week or two leading up to surgery you’ll be seeing the pre-surgery department for  blood work, urine test, chest x-ray if needed and last minute instructions. You’ll see the surgeon one more time for consents, a pre-operative physical and any last minute details.

The night before surgery you’ll be asked to not eat or drink anything starting at midnight.

Following is a checklist of things to have ready before the big day…

Comfort items to consider for your hospital stay and ride home:

Sleep Aids:





That just about covers it. Next up… the big day!

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