Will I Be Hungry After Weight Loss Surgery?

Will I Be Hungry After Weight Loss Surgery?

Diet word cloudYou ask your doctor, “Will I be hungry after weight loss surgery.” You are worried that this type of procedure, which reduces the size of your stomach significantly, will have you feeling hungry all the time. You will experience hunger again, but that does not mean it will be an ongoing problem. If you are considering this procedure, it is important that you understand all of the potential risk factors for it.

Why Will I Be Hungry After Weight Loss Surgery?

When you have this procedure, you will spend several weeks on a liquid diet. The biggest fear people have during this time is being hungry. Generally, though, it is not hunger that they feel but the psychological pleasure that comes from eating food. This is the most challenging time, but the most important time for you to eat properly. Not doing so could put your health in danger as you heal. You may feel hungry if you go long periods without eating, though.

Why You Will Not Feel Hunger

Most people look at the diet that comes from this type of procedure and ask, “Will I be hungry after weight loss surgery if that is all I am eating?” The answer to this is no. The reason is that you will have a much smaller stomach. In most cases, you will only be able to eat about a cup of food. After that point, you will feel uncomfortably full. If you still eat, you will have pain and discomfort. Because your stomach will be full, it alerts the brain to stop eating. You will not feel hungry, but rather full as the result.

Will I Be Hungry After Weight Loss Surgery Years from Now?

Many people also have to deal with the long term effects of this procedure. In short, your diet will change throughout it. The first few weeks it will be mostly a liquid diet. Then, you will add in soft foods. Then the food becomes more elaborate, but still soft. Eventually, you may be on a regular diet that is good for you. You may not feel hungry as long as you maintain this diet plan.

When asking, “Will I be hungry after weight loss surgery,” realize your body is going to change. Your hormones may change. Your psychological dependency on food may change as well. There is help for you. With this procedure, you may be the fit person you want to be.



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