Vacation Planning Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Vacation Planning Before and After Bariatric Surgery

So summer is finally here!! Just because you are considering bariatric surgery or have had bariatric surgery, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your vacations. Following a few helpful tips can help prevent any vacation weight gain and keep you on track with your plan even while away.


  • Bring some high protein foods or snacks with you. Bringing protein bars or ready to drink protein shakes with you on a long car or plane ride can help prevent the temptation of airplane food or snacks.  Bring small amounts of nuts or cheese as a healthy high protein snack.
  • Investigate menus ahead of time if possible. A lot of restaurants post their menus on line, so looking at them ahead of time and selecting a healthy choice when you’re not hungry is always helpful.  When you get to the restaurant don’t even ask for a menu since the more time you spend looking at it, the more times you will change your mind!!
  • Make sure you have access to liquids at all times.  Always bring water with you, especially in the summer when you lose more fluids due to sweating.
  • Planning is key. There are obviously some circumstances where things are out of your control, but try to make the best choices available.


  • Try to look for a hotel that has a gym.  Even if you go a few days while on vacation you will feel better and keep the routine of exercise going.
  • You can always try to bring a resistance band with you.  Youtube has great videos that show you what to do with the bands and it is completely free.
  • If you’re near a beach or lake, go for a walk.  Find something fun and it won’t feel like exercise.
  • Mentally prepare your mind to include exercise as a positive and essential part of your trip.
  • Make sure you pack comfortable clothes for exercise (to remind you to DO IT!!!).


  • Purchase a pill sorter/carrier to bring your essential vitamins/supplements with you for each day you are away.  Be sure it’s in something you can carry with you while you are out enjoying yourself.
  • Make sure to bring the entire amount to cover the length of time you will be away.
  • If you are bringing a protein powder, make sure to bring a shaker container to mix it.

Stay on track strategies

  • Prepare diversional activities when faced with temptations.  Maybe go for a walk after dinner instead of sitting in front of the desserts.  Instead of hitting the midnight buffet on a cruise, try going to the gym, taking a class or go see a show!!
  • Try to plan in advance your daily itinerary.
  • Treat yourself to non-food indulgences! Go get a spa treatment, manicure, pedicure; buy a new outfit; plan an excursion.

Essentials to pack

  • Work out clothes (don’t forget sneakers)
  • Vitamins/supplements
  • Books to read in down time
  • High protein foods/snacks
  • Water
  • Names of local restaurants if available

While en route

  • Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Be sure you get up and walk around every hour or so
  • Be sure to bring non-carbonated, sugar free liquids
  • Avoid stopping at fast food restaurants


Hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy your vacation!!