Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet: What to Expect

Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet: What to Expect

Velouté de champignonAfter having sleeve gastrectomy, diet will be a huge component of your success. With this procedure, though, you will need to follow a very specific path. Your doctor will guide you through the process. Keep in mind that this dieting method and process is designed to provide you with the very best results and it allows for your body’s internal organs to heal after the procedure.

First Two Weeks on Sleeve Gastrectomy Diet

The first two weeks on your sleeve gastrectomy diet will likely be the hardest. You are dealing not just with the overall changes, but the psychological concerns as well. During this time, your intake of food will include things like the following:

• Water

• Tea and sugar-free drinks

• Apple juice and other types of juices

• Popsicles and gelatin, as long as they are sugar free

• Chicken broth

• Protein supplement products that are clear

This will continue for several weeks to allow for healing inside your body.

15 to 30 Days on Sleeve Gastrectomy Diets

During the next two weeks, you may eat more foods than previously on the gastrectomy diets. Here, you may consume foods such as the following.

• Soups that are cream or tomato based

• Milk, but only skin versions or lactose-free milk

• No sugar yogurts and puddings

• Apple sauce

• Chicken broths and other types without particles

• Protein supplement products

Week 5 of the Diet

By the time you get to this point, you may begin to eat foods that are soft. This may include foods that you put into a blender to make them soft like baby food to consume.

• Mashed potatoes

• Scrambled eggs

• Cottage cheese

• Meats, peas, beans and other vegetables put through the blender first

Week 9 Regular Diet

By the time you reach the ninth week after your procedure, you may be able to slowly introduce new foods to your diet, including meats, low fiber vegetables, foods that are low in sugar and fat, and even breads, pasta, and rice. Your doctor may take you through this process one step at a time.

Sleeve gastrectomy diets are meant to allow your body to heal during the procedure and to help you to see significant weight loss in the first weeks afterwards. It will be challenging but for many people it is very beneficial to their overall health and well-being. It ultimately will allow you to achieve the success you need.



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