Sleep and weight loss – lose while you snooze

Sleep and weight loss – lose while you snooze

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The Journal of sleep recently published, “the later you stay up the more weight you gain”! Your metabolism is slowest in the evening and night hours when you should be asleep. Makes sense right? So there’s a correlation between sleep and weight loss. If you are eating when you should be resting, recovering, and allowing your metabolism to slow down for the night, obesity is inevitable. Eating an average of 550 extra calories per night will equal over one pound of weight gain per week. Weight loss is hard when a couple extra bowls of popcorn, sugar free cookies, or even a bowl of fruit makes you gain weight! You need to sleep for weight loss.

Identify why you lack sleep and weight loss will become more manageable

If you are tired but have troubling falling asleep, you need to keep a daily journal to try to identify why. Maybe you are drinking or eating caffeine to late? Maybe you are too stressed out from your day. Maybe you choose food to “unwind”. Are you too hot or too cold? Do you need a cup of tea or a book to unwind? I am assuming there is no TV in your bedroom? A lot of these concerns can be helped, managed or even changed by adding exercise.

So let’s get back to sleep and weight loss will likely follow. Let’s reverse the lack of sleep and start going to bed early. Research has proven that the sooner you go to sleep before midnight, your natural circadian sleep rhythms and your rem-cycle help your body start to recover faster from your daily tasks and exercise routine. This means your body will be more efficient in burning fat the next day and ultimately loosing weight faster. Obviously if you are sleeping there is also no opportunity to eat. So both directly, and indirectly, sleep and weight loss go hand in hand.

Better sleep may influence other healthy habits that help with weight loss too

It’s also been shown that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to maintain their exercise routines and burn more calories for the whole day. These people raise their metabolism early. Their body needs to repair and still maintain your daily activity. So this equals a higher resting metabolism for the day. Again equaling more weight loss or a better change of keeping the weight off.

Lets sleep on this and have sweet dreams of a leaner & healthier self.


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