Trinity – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

Trinity – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

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My name is Trinity, I am 33 and, my story began one day when I met an amazing man. I was alone raising my son for the last 8 years. I met Paul and his wonderful family. His daughter a 2 year old ball of fire. Even though I was happy I didn’t feel like I should. I noticed I was gaining weight and couldn’t run and play with her or my son who was already 11. I then started to have a hard time sleeping and staying awake at work. I married Paul, and noticed how large I was getting. I was keeping Paul awake with my snoring, forcing him On The couch. I tried all kinds of diets, pills and weight loss products. I wasn’t happy with myself. Wasn’t performing my job as well as I should. I was falling into a depression, and gaining more weight.

One day I heard of the gastric bypass on the radio. I figured I would check it out. I went to a seminar about it put on by Dr. Maffei. I learned of the gastric sleeve. After weighing my options I felt it was a better choice. I set up an appointment, and met with the doctor. I was so upset to find out that 90lbs over weight it wasn’t enough!? My bmi was 37. So discouraged Dr. Maffei said I should do a sleep study. I did and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. That was the key to be accepted in having the sleeve. I was told not only will I loose weight to be healthy, live longer, and be able to play with my kids. I could also be cured of the sleep apnea, and be able to perform to my fullest at my job.

I have lost 90lbs in the last year. I am healthy, happy, and will be around for my children for a long time. My husband and I have bought a new house. We are planing to renew our vows in a few years. I want to be able to fit In A normal size wedding dress for my dream wedding! I never in my wildest dreams thought I could be so happy with myself. I am a nicer, happier person after this life change.

I owe it all to my Dr. Maffei! Thank you for my life back,