Evelyn – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

Evelyn – Sleeve Gastrectomy*

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In order to tell you the story of my surgery, I have to go back a couple of years so you understand how I came to my decision.

During a routine visit to my primary care physician in 2009, she mentioned to me about weight loss surgery. I listened patiently and after leaving, thought, who me? I would never have surgery to lose weight. I can do this by myself. Ha…Little did I know how hard it would be at this time of my life.

Going back, historically, I had lost 100 pounds when I was 23 and the weight stayed off through two pregnancies and I did not have a weight problem. Little did I know what Mother Nature had in store for me when I turned fifty-three years old. Mother Nature did a job on me and left me 6 years later obese, a worn out thyroid, knees that wobbled and hair starting to grey.

So after I left my doctor’s office in 2009, I attempted to lose weight but I seemed to hit a wall at all sides. So after losing about 20 pounds over six months, I fell off of the wagon and the weight came back plus a bit extra!

I returned to the doctor in 2010 for a checkup and was doing pretty good except for all the extra weight I was carrying. Again, my doctor talked to me about weight loss surgery and gave me a contact number for an informational meeting to learn what this was all about. I was still very skeptical as to actually having any surgery. Who in their right names wants surgery? Not me I said. However, with my husband in tow, we went to the weight loss seminar held at Putnam Hospital Center. We were greeted by Susana Dealmeida RN-BSN, who I later learned was the coordinator for the weight loss program. There were several people there and one of the doctors in the group that does this surgery gave a presentation on weight loss. He explained all the possible types of surgery available and what the requirements would be to be approved for this surgery. The medical group that he represented was “Surgical Intensivists, PC, with three surgeons. Dr. Thomas Cerabona, Dr. Ashutosh Kaul and Dr. Anthony Maffei. It was explained to those of us at this seminar that the medical group practices and does surgery at Westchester Medical Center and Putnam Hospital Center. I was very impressed with the seminar and went home to discuss this with my husband. Alas, I knew I had a lot of decision making to do regarding this surgery as it was a life style for how I would eat for the rest of my life. This decision took me one year to make. Finally almost one year later to the date of the seminar, I called and made an appointment and was scheduled for an office visit with Dr. Anthony Maffei.

I met with Dr. Maffei in August of 2011 and after my consultation with him, I knew I had made the right decision to have surgery. Dr. Maffei spent time answering my endless list of questions and explained all the requirements I needed to get done prior to surgery. I also learned that Dr. Maffei has just recently built a new home about two miles from where I grew up! We had a connection and a general sense of coming home to do the right thing for me was overwhelming.

Off I went and spent the next two months getting all the required medical approvals. Any time I had a question or needed to confirm that the doctors were forwarding the test results to Surgical Intensivists, I was greeted with pleasant and knowledgeable people from their office.

Also, for tests at Putnam Hospital and all training seminars prior to surgery, I was guided by Susana Dealmedia, RN-BSN, the coordinator of the program. My husband nicknamed her the ‘facilitator’! My entire tests were completed and I was scheduled for Surgery November 9, 2011. I was so excited and wanted the surgery to be over ASAP so I could begin my journey of losing weight.

Finally the day arrived and I signed in at Putnam Hospital Center. I was greeted by Nurse Susana and other staff prepped me for surgery. I met with Dr. Maffei prior to going into the operating room. His calm demeanor and a smile were my last memory before I went to anesthesia land.

It had been explained to me that there is always a second surgeon from the group assisting so I knew I was in the hands of not just one but two experts. Next thing I knew, I was done, awake and looking forward to getting up from the bed! I was a lady on the move and I was so excited that I had the surgery.

Dr. Maffei assured me that everything went well and to my surprise, told me that my gastric and internal anatomy was perfect! Nice to know I had ‘great’ insides! I was up later that evening and other than being tired, felt wonderful. I was not plagued by any gas pains and surgery pain was minimal where the instruments were inserted into my abdomen. Leakage tests were performed the following morning and I then spent the rest of the day, roaming the halls, visiting with Nurse Susana and my family. We all became great friends. Dr. Maffei kept a careful check on me and on the third day, signed my release papers. It was more than just signing papers, he gave me a new lifetime opportunity to lose weight and avoid weight related problems.

The Surgical Intensivists, PC, with three surgeons. Dr. Thomas Cerabona, Dr. Ashutosh Kaul and Dr. Anthony Maffei are an outstanding team of medical professionals. I could write many paragraphs about all the positives this medial group has. Rest assured, this group IS THE BEST AROUND. If someone is looking into weight loss surgery, this is the group that cares about the welfare of their patients, has years of experience and outstanding records of success.

It took me a year to decide, and I say to myself, ‘Why did I wait so long?”

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Evelyn Perrault

Pawling, NY