Struggling To Lose Weight? “Head Hunger” vs “Body Hunger” What Does It Really Mean To Feel Hungry?

Struggling To Lose Weight? “Head Hunger” vs “Body Hunger” What Does It Really Mean To Feel Hungry?

Let’s face it, we all get hungry!! The question we should be asking ourselves is… Is it “Head Hunger” or “Body Hunger”?

If we can learn to recognize what triggers us to eat we may be able to break the patterns that cause us to eat when we are not really hungry…

Common Triggers For Overeating and What We Can Do To Change…

  • By The Clock– ” It’s 12 pm, it is lunch time, lets eat!”- Instead of focusing on the clock, eat when you feel hungry. Of course we may have a lunch hour at work and need to use that time to eat, but if you are not hungry, go for a walk and eat when you are truly hungry.
  • High Risk Times-You may find yourself craving or being around a certain food during a particular season or holiday.  Holiday gatherings =seasonal foods + social ties.. Rather than being faced with making poor food choices and going off your meal plan, try bringing or preparing something you know is on your meal plan. Know you are looking around the office at 3 pm for a snack? Pre plan your snacks to enable you to make healthier food choices to avoid those pitfalls.
  • Food displays– Oh so tempting..Supermarket displays..Go down the produce aisle!! Check out all the colorful and healthy new seasonal/ summer fruits that are displayed! Stay out of the aisles of the supermarket where the temptations are…. The snack/Junk foods are there to tempt you and yes they try to find  you one last time when you are checking out as well..Don’t give in!
  • Television Commercials and Advertisements- Avoid eating while watching television.  Mindless eating is a no no…Fast forward those tempting commercials!
  • Location, Location,Location… Where are you eating? Are you sitting down at the table where you should be? Or are you eating in bed or in front of the tv?  Mindless eating occurs when you are in bed or watching tv.. Sit down and relax when you are eating your next meal. Notice how much more satisfied you feel when you are focused and relaxed.
  • Biggie/Supersize It-You may feel like you are getting more value for your dollar, but stick to the small size or the single serving..This will save you the grief afterwards!
  • Forbidden Foods-Decrease the amount of time you spend talking and focusing on food/weight/diet…Rely on your physical hunger cues to let you know when it is time to eat.

Always remember to ask yourself the question…Am I really hungry?????

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